Better Service in World Service used: Cloud - DigitalOcean Starter Plan Super Fast and very good support overall i love there support
Server Down Service used: Cloud The server got down and I got panicked in the situation because the site was not opening. Reached out to cloudways support showed them what was going wrong with when accessing the website. Muneeb Arif was the support agent on chat . Asked for the IP and application name and within a few minutes sorted the issue out.

“I am blessed with having found the best Web Hosting company ever. Great service, great hosting, and the staff are amazing. Everyone I refer to them loves them as much as I do.”

It is not right for me.

 Service used: Cloud – DigitalOcean Starter Plan
 Moved from SiteGroundSo i decided to join Cloudways from Siteground after reading about it. So i started migrating my website, as i did, i found out my website on shared hosting worked much better than their server.

Before buying their services i had few questions, so a guy named “Asif” who is apparently the Customer success executive, kept sending me the same pre-written email for all the questions i asked, and then stopped replying me

Later, my Websites started getting broke, keeping the fact in mind that my website are active ones and get a good amount of traffic. I reached to their support, they just sent me links to the tutorials, which are just tweaks but not permanent solution.

They also promised three days of free trail, i cancelled my account within a day yet they charged me for the time i used their platform, which is again, an illusion.

They’re not what you will read on internet. Support and the server speed isn’t exceptional.








User Friendly





4.8 rating

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They are always a pleasure to deal with and are happy to help out 24/7, whatever issue I have and they always come up with the solution quickly, these guys never say no, no matter what I throw at them. I would recommend them unreservedly.
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Cloudways has been an amazing hosting provider. Setting up a new site is super easy and fast. I like that they've paid a lot of attention to the user experience, making the user interface and all of the processes really simple and easy to understand. The support at Cloudways is top notch.
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The service quality is amazing and the support team are friendly and very good Also prices are very good
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